moon wind chimes


Concert on your porch and garden;
for perfect sound designed by profesional musician Jan Mestanek

Each tube is precise tuned
…for Largo from Antonin Dvorak’s symphony

Six recycled aluminum tubes
with durable polished and anodized silver finish

The wood parts are made of beech wood;
all materials are eco-friendly

Lenght 28 inch from O Ring to the bottom of wincatcher;
weight 1.53 pounds



Play, Save & Share

Try out the sound of tubes in the Moon Wind Chime application! Play your favorite Amazing Grace melody or the melody of Dvorak’s Largo Symphony. You can also create and play your melody, it depends on your imagination only! Simply make the mouse click on your computer or finger touch on your mobile phone to individual tubes and the sound of the web page tubes will be similar to the real Moon Wind Chime. All sounds are automatically recorded below. You can easily share your melody art work with your friends!



Custom Design of Windcatcher

The bottom piece of this chime is designed for easy removal so you can print, silkscreen or engrave a custom message, image or design on it. Follow the steps below to disconnect and reconnect your windcatcher.